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Machining Service


       In term of Machining, accuracy is the key fundamental in SMK's production. With CINCOM Lathe CNC machining, we have outperformed in very precise works, which is the major requirement in industrial grade products. Also, we are able to support mass-production orders, with 30 units of Manual and Semi-Auto Lathe machines. 

Stamping & Forging Service


        Our Stamping Line is consist of 20 units of Pressing machines that vary from 20 to 100 tons. With our mastery skills in Mold and Die design, we are able to manufacture such complex works that serve for various demand, such as pipe bending, wire bending and metal sheet forming. 

Welding Service


       SMK also acquires long experience in suppling several types of welding, such as Brass welding, Spot welding and CO2 welding. These processes are performed by skillful operators together with auto welding machines that we design ourselves to achieve the best quality in welding strength and production performance.

Die and Jig Figure Design Service


     We specialize in die and jig figure design, using advance CAD program. We offer our customers the best quality through our prominent process design. Also, we are familiar with R&D and prototype works that requires short limited of time, especially in automotive projects.

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