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Quality Assurance

Precision Measurement


      To ensure our integrity of product, it is SMK's working standard to perform full layout inspection before delivery. By combining CMM with VMM (Video Measurement Machine), we are able to convey highly accurate evolutions of dimension of products, and thus control its geometry within specific tolerance.

Raw Material Testing


          With Tensile, Hardness and Torque tester machines, SMK is able to inspect certain properties of raw material on hand before manufacturing. This pre-testing process will confirm integrity of material and prevent serious trouble in production line, if  abnormal condition were found at initial inspection.

Quality In-process Control


          For every lot of production, SMK have standard regulation to inspection all of ongoing products for every 2 hours. By using jig figure and advance measurement equipment, we are confident that solely defect was found at the end of production line. SMK, also, promote predictive and preventive countermeasure to eliminate future causes of production problem, using maintenances scheduling and tool life controlling methods. 



100% Guarantee


          It is SMK's production foundation to perform 100% inspection on appearance and safety point for every lot of production. SMK will make sure that our products is impeccable in all aspects, especially in terms of geometry and quality. 

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